Skimboarding is a vital part of the beach culture along the coastlines of the world. Deeply rooted in the underground of surf culture skimbTex_1963_Slideoarding has been around since the early 1920’s.  Riding a skimboard is simple to define, difficult to accomplish: you jump on a fast moving thin tear shaped board and slide along on a few inches of water that the previous onshore wave has provided. Using this surface that reacts like ice, the rider slides down the slop of the beach toward the incoming waves and turning off the wave and ride it back to shore.

                The sport of skimboarding has continued to develop over the last few generations. Family’s and friend’s all over the world working together to help enhance the way the normal person approaches shorebreak.  With the elevation and evolution of the sport the tom trag-782x1024community and following demanded a platform for competition  for the riders to showcase their talent.  The united states competition scene was started in the the late summers of  the 1970’s .

Over the next twenty years the growth and drive of the sport was supported by the community of skimboarding. Elevating the sport above and beyond with the introduction of tricks and vertical airs! “The skimboard has grown way passed sliding on the sand along the shore anymore” BILL BRYAN.

Domke_Skim_Puerto_Esc_MainThe twenty first century skimboarder can be found anywhere from doing big wave tow ins, to riding any size intercontinental shorebreak, to even inland skim communities located all over the world.  Lead by many contests, events, and even a world tour. Events being Skimboards-Adrien-2-copyheld in dozens of countries covering all six continents.  The world community of skimboarders has  increased  at an overwhelming rate in the last few decades.  Even giving birth to dozens of creative athletes who attached video production with skimboarding to help share their love of the sport. These thousands of short and feature collections of skim films have helped young amateurs to learn and develop the sport at a rate faster than ever before.

the evolution of skimboarding

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