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AFRICA~MOROCCO~Doura 3-4ft-Oued Cherrat 4-4ft-Bouznika Plage 3-4ft -Dar Bouazza 3-4ft~ANGOLA~Miradouro 4-5ft-Cabo Ledo 2-3ft-Sumbe 1-2ft~SOUTH AFRICA~JBAY 3-4ft-Muizenberg 3-4ft-Seal point 9-11ft~ASIA~TAIWAN~Paishawan 0-1ft-Jin Shan 0-1ft-Green Bay 0-1ft~MALAYSIA~Tanjong Jara 0-1ft-Kerith Resort 0-1ft-Star Jetty Cruise 0-1ft-Kijal 0-1ft~PHILIPPINES~Southern Philippines~ABC’s 1-2ft-Pacifico 0-1ft-Cloud 9 0-1ft~Tahiti~Tahiti North 1-2ft-Tahiti South 6-10ft-Ahonu 2-3ft Orofara 1-2ft Teahupoo 4-5ft~AUSTRALIA~South Australia~Midcoast~Cactus 18-21ft-Witzig’s 17-19ft-Cunns 16-19ft-Caves 18-22ft-Chrushers 19-23ft~Western Australia~Southwest Australia~North Point 10-12ft-South Point 14-17ft-Lefthanders 17-19ft-The Box 13-15ft-Margaret River 16-19ft~JAPAN~Ishikawa 0-1ft-Tokushima 4-5ft~EUROPE~FRANCE~Southwest France 1-2ft-Marseille 0-1ft-Cannes 0-1ft~SPAIN~Northwest Spain 1-2ft-Cadiz 0-1ft-Fuengirola 0-1ft-Playa de la Carihuela 0-1ft~PORTUGAL~ Cabedelo 3-4ft-Praia da Nazare 2-3ft-Santa Cruz 1-2ft~SOUTH AMERICA~BRAZIL~Rio de Janeiro 3-4ft- Sununga 3-5ft~ CHILE~ Matanzas 2-3ft-Puertecillo 1-2ft~VENEZUELA~West Venezuela 2-3ft~Peru~Southern Peru 5-8ft~NORTH AMERICA~COSTA RICA~ Nosara-Guiones 4-6ft- Playa Grande 3-5ft ~PANAMA~Panama Pacific 6-7ft~MEXICO~ Cerritos 5-6ft- Todos Santos 4-5ft-Lands End 6-7ft- Lover’s 6-8ft- Zippers 4-5ft-Puerto Escondido 8-10ft~UNITED STATES~ Thalia Street 2-3ft-Brooks Street 2-3ft-Aliso Creek 3-4ft-Seal Beach 2-3ft- 10th Street 3-5ft-The Wedge 6-10ft- Lowers 4-7ft-Newport Pier 2-3ft-La Jolla 2-3ft-Malibu 3-4ft-Stinson Beach 1-2ft-Ocean Beach 3-5ft-Maverick’s -ft- Belmar 1-3ft~Ocean City 1-3ft-Naval Jetties 1-2ft-Gordons Pond 2-3ft-Dewey Beach 2-3ft-Indian River Inlet 1-2ft- Bethany Beach 2-3ft- Kitty Hawk Pier 2-3ft-OBX 2-3ft-15th Street Pier 2-3ft-1st Street Jetty 2-3ft-Sugar Shack 2-3ft-18th Street Jetty 2-3ft-St Augustine Pier 2-3ft-Vilano 2-3ft-Melbourne 2-3ft-Sebastian Inlet 2-3ft-Wabasso 1-2ft-Boca Raton Inlet 0-1ft-Big Beach Little Beach 1-2ft-Sandy Beach 6-7ft-Waimea Bay / Shorebreak 0-1ft-Pipeline 0-1ft

Some of the best breaks in the world were simply undiscovered at one point! Hard to believe how some legendary spots were simply an empty oasis waiting around every cove.  Adventure and seek advise from anyone with a good story of a legendary session. Focus


how some of the most historic locations only work on the perfect conditions for that particular break! So make sure to check with all swell directions and tide heights.  The last and final tricky thing about discovering a spot. Most naturally occurring freaks of nature world-map-seafloor-for-download-5716

are already discovered because of the shape of the coastline and the consistency of the sea floor or reef.  A big storm can not only bring huge waves but it can move the sand up and down the coastline. The fluctuations of the coastline is something that will always bring us new and undiscovered breaks. The sand is all lined up, the conditions are just right, and you never now the ride you will find! So Go Find it!


the evolution of skimboarding

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