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AFRICA~MOROCCO~Doura 3-4ft-Oued Cherrat 4-4ft-Bouznika Plage 3-4ft -Dar Bouazza 3-4ft~ANGOLA~Miradouro 4-5ft-Cabo Ledo 2-3ft-Sumbe 1-2ft~SOUTH AFRICA~JBAY 3-4ft-Muizenberg 3-4ft-Seal point 9-11ft~ASIA~TAIWAN~Paishawan 0-1ft-Jin Shan 0-1ft-Green Bay 0-1ft~MALAYSIA~Tanjong Jara 0-1ft-Kerith Resort 0-1ft-Star Jetty Cruise 0-1ft-Kijal 0-1ft~PHILIPPINES~Southern Philippines~ABC’s 1-2ft-Pacifico 0-1ft-Cloud 9 0-1ft~Tahiti~Tahiti North 1-2ft-Tahiti South 6-10ft-Ahonu 2-3ft Orofara 1-2ft Teahupoo 4-5ft~AUSTRALIA~South Australia~Midcoast~Cactus 18-21ft-Witzig’s 17-19ft-Cunns 16-19ft-Caves 18-22ft-Chrushers 19-23ft~Western Australia~Southwest Australia~North Point 10-12ft-South Point 14-17ft-Lefthanders 17-19ft-The Box 13-15ft-Margaret River 16-19ft~JAPAN~Ishikawa 0-1ft-Tokushima 4-5ft~EUROPE~FRANCE~Southwest France 1-2ft-Marseille 0-1ft-Cannes 0-1ft~SPAIN~Northwest Spain 1-2ft-Cadiz 0-1ft-Fuengirola 0-1ft-Playa de la Carihuela 0-1ft~PORTUGAL~ Cabedelo 3-4ft-Praia da Nazare 2-3ft-Santa Cruz 1-2ft~SOUTH AMERICA~BRAZIL~Rio de Janeiro 3-4ft- Sununga 3-5ft~ CHILE~ Matanzas 2-3ft-Puertecillo 1-2ft~VENEZUELA~West Venezuela 2-3ft~Peru~Southern Peru 5-8ft~NORTH AMERICA~COSTA RICA~ Nosara-Guiones 4-6ft- Playa Grande 3-5ft ~PANAMA~Panama Pacific 6-7ft~MEXICO~ Cerritos 5-6ft- Todos Santos 4-5ft-Lands End 6-7ft- Lover’s 6-8ft- Zippers 4-5ft-Puerto Escondido 8-10ft~UNITED STATES~ Thalia Street 2-3ft-Brooks Street 2-3ft-Aliso Creek 3-4ft-Seal Beach 2-3ft- 10th Street 3-5ft-The Wedge 6-10ft- Lowers 4-7ft-Newport Pier 2-3ft-La Jolla 2-3ft-Malibu 3-4ft-Stinson Beach 1-2ft-Ocean Beach 3-5ft-Maverick’s -ft- Belmar 1-3ft~Ocean City 1-3ft-Naval Jetties 1-2ft-Gordons Pond 2-3ft-Dewey Beach 2-3ft-Indian River Inlet 1-2ft- Bethany Beach 2-3ft- Kitty Hawk Pier 2-3ft-OBX 2-3ft-15th Street Pier 2-3ft-1st Street Jetty 2-3ft-Sugar Shack 2-3ft-18th Street Jetty 2-3ft-St Augustine Pier 2-3ft-Vilano 2-3ft-Melbourne 2-3ft-Sebastian Inlet 2-3ft-Wabasso 1-2ft-Boca Raton Inlet 0-1ft-Big Beach Little Beach 1-2ft-Sandy Beach 6-7ft-Waimea Bay / Shorebreak 0-1ft-Pipeline 0-1ft
Below is the trailer for Shorebreak: The Evolution of Skimboarding


!Click Here to view in Portuguese, Spanish, French, Arabic!

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The United Skim Tour

128(1) Ubatuba, Brazil Sununga Beach March 21 – 27, 2016

usa-flag(2)  Dewey Beach, Delaware, U.S.A. June  21 – 27, 2016
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usa-flag(3)  Outer Banks, North Carolina, U.S.A. July  30 & 31, 2016

usa-flag(4)   Santa Cruz, California, U.S.A. (TBA)

usa-flag(5)  Vilano Beach, Florida, U.S.A. August  19 – 21, 2016

usa-flag(6)  Newport Beach, California, U.S.A. October  1 & 2, 2016

New mini-series entitled “Shorebreak Stories”

Episode 1 – Miles Away – ft. Ernesto Molina of Spain


The Art of Finless with Tom Curren

Skim Surfing with Brad and Tom from Ian Boyd on Vimeo.

Tom Curren & Brad Domke Go Finless In Mexico



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the evolution of skimboarding

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